films of resistance: in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle

Nicole Naim Dib

Photo of Nicole Naim Dib

Nicole Naim Dib is a Mexican-born London-based creative who contributed a newsletter for culturala about the apartheid in Palestine.

Esther Gabrielle Kersley

Photo of artist Esther Gabrielle Kersley

Esther Gabrielle Kersley is a documentary photographer and artist featured in a culturala newsletter in 2023 on the theme of digitalisation.

Sarah Scott

Photo of Sarah Scott

Sarah Scott is a writer, contemporary art theory researcher and editor here at culturala. She’s currently Digital Officer at The White Cube.

Simona Patrizi

Simona Patrizi's shadow

Simona Patrizi is an artist and illustrator who contributed some illustrations to the first issue of culturala on disappearance.

Daniel Matthews

photo of Daniel Matthews

Daniel Matthews is a writer, journalist, podcaster, co-founder of The Hamburg Design Review and contributor to culturala #1 on Disappearance.

Matthias London

photo of writer Matthias London

Matthias London is a writer, lover of electronic music, living and storytelling, and contributor of culturala’s first issue on disappearance.

Maria Kruglyak

photo of Maria Kruglyak

Maria Kruglyak is an art writer, critic, researcher and editor. She’s the founder and editor-in-chief of culturala.

Jasper Jones

Photo of Jasper Jones

Jasper Jones is an artist exploring identity through film and photography. He’s the featured artist in culturala #1 on disappearance.

Dhiman Gupta

photo of Dhiman Gupta reading culturala

Dhiman Gupta is an illustrator working in art and marketing. His illustrations are featured in the first issue of culturala on disappearance.

Alejandra Espinosa

photo of Alejandra Espinosa

Alejandra Espinosa is producer and editor here at culturala. She’s also a fashion and culture writer currently working for TITLE in Berlin.


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