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Daisy Corbin O’Grady

Daisy Corbin O’Grady is a writer and producer. She contributed to the first issue of culturala with a piece on featured artist Jasper Jones.

Anna Cherednikova

photo of Anna Cherednikova in Japan with a mask

Anna Cherednikova is a photography artist working with ecology and the unwanted. Some of her works were featured in the disappearance issue.

Anna Malina

Photo of Anna Malina

Anna Malina is a Ukrainian-born film and GIF artist based in Germany.

Bruno Atkinson

Photo of Bruno Atkinson

Bruno Atkinson is an independent filmmaker based whose film Profit Motive and the Endless Sea is streaming on culturala in Spring 2023.

Clara Watt

Clara Watt is a documentary photographer whose work explores culture and social justice stories in an effort to make the world a better place

Isabel Mareş

Photo of Isabel Mareş

Isabel Mareş is a Romanian-American creative working at the intersection of faith, community, and art.

Semra Sevin

Semra Sevin is a Berlin-based interdisciplinary artist featured in a culturala conversation in 2022.

Konstantin Kulakov

Photo of Konstantin Kulakov

Konstantin Kulakov is an award-winning poet, editor, and translator. He is the editor in chief of a partner to culturala, Pocket Samovar.

Francesca Hummler

Photo of Francesca Hummler

Francesca Hummler is a photographic artist working with photo-therapy and self-portraiture. She was featured in a culturala conversation in 2022.

Rose Morley

Photo of Rose Morley

Rose Morley is an artist and founder of slow fashion brand F4K3 N3WS. She took part in a culturala conversation in 2022.

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