we need a new language for contemporary art

A language that is direct, welcoming and honest. We believe that the distance between audiences, artists and writers has become too big – there's just too much art jargon, too much pretence and too many long words and long sentences. How long ago did you read a contemporary art exhibition review or leaflet that outright made sense, actually interacted with the piece and didn't talk down to you? I know it's been a long time since either of us did.
we need an art world
that's warm and welcoming
A world where artists, thinkers and audiences speak to one another, where there isn't a limit to entry. Where everyone is welcome, and we can all feel it. Because only then can the magic happen. That's why we pay all our journal contributors, help establish direct communication within our network, and adopt a flexible publication release dependable on funding and possibility of all contributors to reach what they've set out to reach.
We believe that we can only get an interconnected art world if we reinvent the language we use to speak about art, and award art theory not just to the established artists but to all makers and creators.

about culturala

So, we started a journal. Every other issue is printed, and every other one is digital – each focused on a theme such as memory, digitalisation, disappearance, and data.
We also host some events, stream some films and send out a bi-weekly newsletter written by someone in our community on anything and everything art.

All of the profits from the sales go directly to paying contributors to our next issues. Publication dates are held flexible to be able to pay everyone as well as uphold a sustainable working structure for our team and our contributors.

our team

Maria Kruglyak – editor & designer
Alejandra Espinosa – editor & producer
Fiona Verran – editor & programme coordinator
Sarah Scott – editor
Kelly Huen – social media manager
Laureen Lehoux – part-time visual director & illustrator



our emails are [email protected]

previous team members

Lauren Máiréad Wells – producer & co-founder


our stockists

Atomic Books, Baltimore
BOOKS Peckham, London
Casa Bosques, Mexico City
Casa das Artes, Cacilhas, Lisbon
Fashion Room Bookstore, Florence
Galleria Continua, San Gimignano
Hey That’s Nice, Lurzen
ISBN, Budapest
KD Presse, Paris
Kihoskh, Copenhagen
Kintu Studio, Lisbon
Knihkupectví ArtMap, Prague
Konst/ig, Stockholm
Mai Manó, Budapest
Maison Bertaux, London
Mulberry Iconic Magazine, New York
News & Coffee, Barcelona
Page Five, Prague
Papercut Shop, Stockholm
Skylight Books, Los Angeles
South Parade, London
STET, Lisbon
The Library Project, Dublin
The Steamship PS, London
Quimby’s, Chicago
Underbelly, Rotterdam
Woulfe’s Bookshop, Kerry

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