films of resistance: in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle

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Just like almost everyone else, we use cookies on our site to optimise your experience and troubleshoot any errors or inconsistencies. We will never share your data to any third parties, but we do use MailChimp, WooCommerce and Google Analytics to see how many of visitors we have, from where and what part of the site you use. 

So what are cookies? They’re small pieces of data downloaded to your device when you’re on our site.

Why are they used? Cookies are used to optimise user experience, but also for advertising and to develop products (e.g. if a website is commonly used by Spanish speakers, it may add an additional language feature). 

Why does culturala use cookies? Since we’re using WooCommerce (together with Stripe and PayPal) for payments on our site, we’re need to use cookies due to their privacy policy. So we do. But we also want to know how many people visit our site, if something disturbs your time here, and if people are actually reading what we write. 


It’s important for us that you feel safe when using our website and services, so privacy is a high priority. 

If you’ve signed up for our newsletters, we’ll be sending them to you every other week. You can always opt out, of course, in the bottom of the email. If you’ve bought a copy, we may contact you with a press release of another coming out, or if we have something good going on. It will be sporadic, at best.

Your data will not be sold, disclosed or given away to any third party. Only the people on the team who deal directly with sales will ever see it.

Any grievances against the way we handle your data or to find out more > [email protected]


We send out the issues of culturala once a week, so it’s normal if your copy takes 2 weeks to arrive (in UK / central Europe, but delivery will vary by country). If you’d like to check in on the status of your shipment, please email [email protected]. We ask you to be patient for at least 14 days after your order before reaching out – it’s probably on its way!


Since culturala strives to interconnect the art world and build welcoming, open communication in this all too rigid space, we’ve got a very flexible refund policy. 

You can always get a refund or return your copy if you’re not happy with it, no matter the reason. We’ll ask you to show us a proof of payment for any returns. Refunds can take up to 30 days and you can ask for one up to 6 months after your purchase. 

If for one reason or other you can no longer afford an issue you’ve got, just write to us and we’ll do our best to sort it out. As long as you are polite and nice, we’ll be on your side, while the opposite will not result in any claims prossessed.

If you have complaints, grievances or any other issues, please email us at [email protected]


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