films of resistance: in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle


a new cinema initiative in support of the Palestinian struggle

Films of Resistance beieves in the power of cinema to expose, inspire, reflect, frame and reframe; its ability to incite and sustain resistance on a local and global level.

Curating films in accordance to their artistic impact, Films of Resistance highlights the artistic breadth, emotional depth and novelty of recent Palestinian cinema in the face of colonial oppression and genocide.

With this in mind, we have curated a screening of five short films from Palestinian filmmakers to be shown in London (June 14th, Genesis Cinema), in Jönköping (June 18th, Kulturhuset) and in Lisbon (June 20th, Disgraça).

However, we’d like to extend this invitation to anyone and everyone to curate film nights for Palestine with the same ethos. If you would like to support, organise your own screening or know more, please get in touch.

Easy ways to support is by sharing this information, either via email with press kit, via Instagram, or by telling people directly. The night in London on the 14th is in a 500 cap venue, so we need as many hands as we can get. 

The screening is co-organised by the culturala collective with Abla Kandalaft, Ameena Adileh and Carmen Caruso, but the community of Films of Resistance is growing fast. We’ve already got screenings in planning in Sweden, Morocco and the Lake District! 

With time, we’d also like to extend this to other struggles of resistance, so for any of you who’s full of ideas – get in touch via [email protected]!



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