films of resistance: in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle

Christmas in the West Bank

Israeli West Bank Barrier: West Bank Wall

Young creative Nicole Naim Dib recounts her memory of Christmas in the West Bank and witnessing the current apartheid in occupied Palestine.

Changing the World

Veronique photo and work by Clara Watt

A conversation with Clara Watt, an award-winning documentary photographer, about her work and how to use photography to create a better world


Installation view of (IN)VISIBLE DIFFERENCES

Kelly speaks to artist Semra Sevin and gallerist Ulrich Krauss about their latest exhibition (IN)VISIBLE DIFFERENCES at the Zagreus Projekt in Berlin.

The Parable of the Grounded Woman

still from The Parable of the Grounded Woman by Elisabeth Tomlinson

Elisabeth Tomlinson’s film The Parable of the Grounded Woman is a subtle, beautiful piece about an inner journey of grief and liberation.

art and time

What’s the reality we live in today? How can we survive as artists in these crazy times? Konstantin tells us his thoughts about what’s really happening right now.

there are infinite ways to survive

Isabel Mareş writes about different ways of survival and how finding a creative community helped her find her way through a difficult time.


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