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Poet and artist Diana Lizette Rodriguez runs an independent publishing house from Boulder and Mexico City, publishing exquisite handmade editions of poetry and organising workshops and readings. She’s become a dear friend, contributor and collaborator across all fields, and her chapbook A LICIA ALICIA is the best contemporary poetry we’ve come across.

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online workshop by Diana Lizette and Sofía Peypoch

21st-26th of August

🎓 Our workshops are a journey through shared and non-linear experiences with the body, paving the way for transformative research and exploration.

🌈 This time, we’ve prepared an immersive five-day intensive workshop that delves deeper into the conversation. Get ready to immerse yourself in profound exercises and reflections, stemming from our months of dedicated research and sensing.

💡 This is our most in-depth workshop yet, as we revisit our past work and contemplations through the lens of sensations, reframing our understanding of creativity.

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