Semra Sevin

Semra Sevin is a Berlin-based interdisciplinary artist featured in a culturala conversation in 2022.

Konstantin Kulakov

Photo of Konstantin Kulakov

Konstantin Kulakov is an award-winning poet, editor, and translator. He is the editor in chief of a partner to culturala, Pocket Samovar.

Francesca Hummler

Photo of Francesca Hummler

Francesca Hummler is a photographic artist working with photo-therapy and self-portraiture. She was featured in a culturala conversation in 2022.

Rose Morley

Photo of Rose Morley

Rose Morley is an artist and founder of slow fashion brand F4K3 N3WS. She took part in a culturala conversation in 2022.

Charlotte J Ward

Photo of Charlotte J Ward

Charlotte J Ward is a UK-based eco-feminist artist who contributed a newsletter to culturala.

Diana Lizette Rodriguez

Photo of artist Diana Lizette Rodriguez

Diana Lizette Rodriguez Diana Lizette Rodriguez is an experimental artist working with film, installation, poetry, performance, photography and painting. Currently on the road, the Mexicana artist from San Antonio, Texas explores all that is unstable, fleeting, beautiful, seen and unseen in through subtle stream-of-consciousness narratives.  Her chapbook, ALICIA A LICIA published through Sour Patch Press […]

Laureen Lehoux

Photo of Laureen Lehoux

Laureen Lehoux is the illustrator and part-time visual director here at culturala. Apart from that, she’s also an excellent artist, content creator, illustrator and storyboard-maker. If you ever need anything in terms of illustration or film development, Laureen’s the one to turn to!

Nancy Mounir

Photo of Nancy Mounir with instruments

Nancy Mounir is a composer, producer, sessionist, sound designer and multi-instrumentalist based in Cairo, Egypt.

Heba Kamal

photo of Heba Kamal rowing

Heba Kamal is a creative writer, researcher and doctoral student researching the effects of Islamic religious rituals in a PhD in London.

Elisabeth Tomlinson

Elisabeth Tomlinson is a London-based multidisciplinary artist working with writing, moving image, installation, teaching and performance.