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We believe this can only be achieved if we experiment with a new, direct language for contemporary art and culture. 

Our first issue on Disappearance is printed and we’re sending out the first round on Monday the 6th of May. All proceeds go to our contributing artists and writers for the forthcoming issues.

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Since the 1990s, disappearance has been a major theme in art theory – but what does disappearance really mean? And what is disappearance in the world of art and culture of today?

In the first issue of culturala, a poet, three photographers and a dozen writers and researchers explore the different meanings of disappearance, seeking them in the contemporary world of art, emotion, popular culture, memory, music and literature.

On the following pages you’ll find many kinds of disappearances: the disappearance of self, the disappearance of time, the disappearance of spaces, and the disappearance that happens when change is so fast that ‘the new’ disappears in front of our eyes, always replaced with ‘the newer’.

From the editorial note

Featuring Jasper Jones, Daniel Matthews, Diana Lizette Rodriguez, Elspeth Walker, Alejandra Espinosa, Daisy Corbin O’Grady, Angeliki Vidou, Matthias London, Silja Vornanen, Anna Cherednikova, Sarah Scott, Maria Kruglyak, Bianca Wallis-Salmon, Simona Patrizi, Dhiman Gupta & Laureen Lehoux

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