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a network-based art theory journal

for an interconnected art world we can all be a part of


issue two

we need a new language for contemporary art

we need an art world
that's warm and welcoming
a world where artists, thinkers and audiences speak to one another


last issue: 15/8

AR art image of biosphere in front of field, the deep listener by Jakob Steensen
Jakob Kudsk Steensen, The Deep Listener (2019). Augmented reality commissioned by Serpentine Galleries.

A conversation with the established digital environmental artist Jakob Steensen about the possibilities of digital media such as games, VR and AR to alter our perspectives on the natural environment.


by Anna Malina


issue one

culturala online

open call

We're always open to publishing your thoughts on contemporary art and culture. Full submission details to be announced, but at the moment we're most interested in:
> is digital art actually art?
> oceanic contemporary art
> cyborg art
> recession in art

latest texts

Veronique photo and work by Clara Watt

Changing the World

A conversation with Clara Watt, an award-winning documentary photographer, about her work and how to use photography to create a better world

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